Interact and walk around in Virtual Reality.


Interactive VR
Room scale

Pushing boundaries

In VR Room we offer users the capability to shape the environment in an interactive way. While walking though a virtual home users are able to decorate their house. From selecting a new kitchen to changing the furniture in the living room, anything is possible.


VR Room is one of our projects that we are always happy to show to clients, and we keep upgrading it to the latest developments in the VR world. The project started out with the Oculus Rift Development Kit 1 and in 2017 we upgraded VR Room to make full use of the new possibilities of the room scale techology that the HTC Vive offers.

Your design

We are always happy to give a demo of this project at our offices. Just give us a call. Together we can explore the possibilities and discuss how this technology can add value to your business or industry.


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