Night driving

How (in)visible are you really in the dark?

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Everyone who has ever driven a car at night knows how easy it is to overlook a bicycle without lighting. There are however people who have never driven a car. Unfortunately this group overestimates their own visibility at night-time. TeamAlert recognised this problem and wanted to raise awareness among teenagers on the importance of sufficient bicycle lighting.

Change perspective

The best way to experience a different perspective is to place oneself in someone else’s shoes. So together with the researchers of TeamAlert we did just that. We came up with the idea to replicate a number of real-life driving scenarios. To connect with a younger audience we involved a well known Dutch TV host to present these scenario’s.

Eye opener

With a phone or GearVR the user can experience a whole new perspective by taking place in the passenger seat of a car.  The experience really conveyed just how difficult it is to spot cyclist in the dark while driving. The youngsters also shockingly discovered that low powered bicycle lights offer hardly any improvement in night-time visibility.

“Dreamlake is an organisation that is very aware of any new developments within the Virtual Reality Industry. For TeamAlert Dreamlake realised some top-notch products. In short; a wonderful team to work with, clear communication, understand what you need, know all the ins and outs and deliver professional products “

Dion Jongerius 

Stichting TeamAlert

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