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How VR can help to improve communication

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Room Scale


Good communication skills are key to succes in life, work and relationships.  To this day however, unnecessary communication errors are still being made. In collaboration with IJsfontein we started to develop a VR game which would emphasise the importance of good communication.

Roomscale Multiplayer

HTC Vive allowed us to push the boundaries of Virtual Reality, enabling users to physically walk around in a virtual environment. Multiple players are able to enter the same world and have to work together in order to solve a Puzzle.

Communication is key

We made sure symbols weren’t easy to describe. A ticking clock with a time limit forced the players to formulate the first things that would come to mind. More often than not, this resulted in the most hilarious answers. One thing was clear though. Whoever shared the most information, had the best chance of solving the puzzle the fastest.

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