A fast-paced multiplayer action game for the Samsung Gear VR.


Dreamlake Jam 2017

Every now and then we decide to host a Hackathon to hone our skills, sharpen our minds and challenge our teamwork.

For three days in a row we combined our efforts, skipped sleep, ate fastfood and wore the same stinky t-shirt.

Our goal?

Come up and develop a unique VR application.

The result?

Something that surpassed our expectations.

Easy to play, hard to master

We felt that we could contribute to the Oculus store by creating something that keeps Gear VR owners engaged. We wanted to release a multiplayer game that you can just pick up and play.

And most important, it should be free!

After our first playtest we realised the potential of this multiplayer game. The thrill of hunting or being hunted. See or be seen. Our efforts evolved into an easy to learn, but hard to master multiplayer Gear VR game.

Coming soon

The jam success led to a continued development. We are now nearing the final stages of development for the core game.

Are you and your Gear VR ready to be immersed into an spectacular world and experience something you haven’t seen before?

Stay tuned for updates. In the meanwhile you can enjoy the aftermovie of our Hackathon.


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